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Bubble Machine Hire

The ideal machine for any social event
Bubble Machines are an amazing solution for social events from parties to weddings. The bubble machine that we offer will ensure a steady flow of awesome bubbles throughout your event. This is something everyone can enjoy, children and adults alike. Bubble machines truly ignite the imagination and will create a memorable vibe at your event.

Children Parties
Bubble machines are a wonderful option for a child’s birthday party. They will add a magical element to the event and create hours of fun and amusement for the little ones. Your children will be entertained. Heir imaginations will take flight and you can rest easy knowing they are having a fantastic time.


Bubble machines make for a great modern substitute for confetti and will create a sense of wonderment as the bride makes her way down the aisle. The bride and groom will glow in an aura of romance as the bubbles make their way onto the dance floor for the couple’s first dance. Enchant your guests, make a statement and have the night of your life.

All Functions
No matter the function from a Barmitzvah to a private birthday party, bubbles make a great statement at the most cost-effective price. Bubble Parties is your go-to company for bubble machine hire.

Bubble Liquid
• The liquid will not effect or burn the eyes
• The liquid will not leave a sticky or thick residue on surfaces, making cleaning up simple and hassle free
• The liquid is reliable and there will never be any reduced bubble generation


Big Bubble Machine

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Snow Machine Hire

Snow Machine Hire
 Perfect for product launches, themed birthday parties, and special events

Snow Machines make a "foamy mist" that resembles the beauty of snowflakes. This product works for both outdoor and indoor events and throughout the seasons. It creates an enchanting ambiance for any event.

A Show Stopper
Snow machines are a great addition to themed events, promotions, and product launches. You are now able to turn your event into a Winter Wonderland effortlessly.

Our snow machines for hire are exceptionally versatile and can be used in almost any location. Whether you plan on creating a snow-filled event in a nightclub, or in your back garden, we have the snow machine for you.

Bring an awe-inspiring winter to Africa with our "Snow Machine"!

Snow Liquid
The snow machines that we offer are extremely safe, with the foam being non-toxic as well as biodegradable.


Snow Machine

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